Golden Oak SFG-2202

$17.50 sqm


  • 300 Micron (0.3mm) Wear Layer 
  • 4.49m2 per box
  • Antibacterial Technology  
  • Reduces Impact & Sound Travel  
  • Durable & Low Maintenance   
  • Quick & Easy Installation  
  • Ideal for All Wet Areas  
  • Perfect for Allergy Sufferers  
  • 100% Water Resistant
  • Expansion gap Required
  • Dry-back (glue required)

Please note:
We do not split boxes. Every order is rounded up to the next whole box.

If you already know how many sqm you need, you simply need to insert the total sqm in the “Length” section and the number 1 in the “Width” section.

The quantity corresponds to the amount of boxes ordered.

Actual Area (sq m) 4.49
Total Price $78.58

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 125 × 20 × 5 cm









Glue Down Vinyl Planks are an affordable wood look range that is versatile and can be used in all living spaces and wet areas. 


100% Water Resistant and designed to look stylish & modern, our Glue Down Vinyl Planks are designed for durability and low maintenance at an affordable price. 


Floor Composition PVC
Total Thickness (mm) EN 428 2.0mm
Thickness of wear layer (mm) EN 429 0.3mm (+/- 0.005)
Weight (+/- 50gr/m2) EN 430 3.93kg/m2
Plank Dimension EN 427 184.2mm x 1219.2mm
Packing EN 427 20 Planks/4.49m2 per box
Dimension Stability EN 434 <0.25
Accoustic Rating AS/ISO 7171.2-2004 LW > 9DB
Colour fastness to light ISO 105 B02  > 6
Residual Indentation EN 433 > 0.10mm
Flexibility EN 435 Pass
Abrasion resistance EN 660-2 5.3
Slip Resistance Classification AS 4586-2013 R10  (>10 <19)
Behaviour to fire AS/ISO 9239.1-2003 CRF Value: 8.3Kw/M2
Smoke Value: 146%.min
Emission of Formaldehyde EN 717-2 Not detected
TVOC emission factor ISO 10580 After 24 hours: .22 m2.m3
Chemical Products ASTM F925 Pass
Electric Behavior EN 1081 Pass
Dynamic coefficient of friction ASTM C1028 Direction A: 0.48 / Direction B: 0.58
Surface treatment PU/NANO SILVER PU & Anti-bacterial, per design
Embossing Regular/Deep/Wild


Glue Down Plank Installation Guide 2mm 

Please note: This is only a guide and we always recommend that you use professional installers for our products as incorrect installation or preparation of the subfloor would void warranty. Installation should be in accordance with Australian Standards – AS 1884 – 2012 Floor Coverings – Resilient Sheet and Tiles – Installation Practices.  

Basic Tools Required for the Installation:  

Stanley Knife, Tape Measure, 1.6mm V notch Trowel, Straight Edge, Square & String/chalk Line.  

Installation steps to Glue Down planks:  

  1. Take all the planks out of the box and stack them in piles of about 5 boxes high and allow them to acclimatize and level out for 24 hours prior to laying them between a recommended controlled temperature of 18°C– 28°C (Do not attempt installation in severe conditions if it’s less than 10°C or more than 35°C). Ensure the surface in which you lay them on is level/straight.
  2. Make sure you thoroughly clean your floor from all contaminates, (Sweeping, vacuuming & damp mopping may be required).
  3. Repair any damaged areas, holes, gaps and indentations by using a compound or anything recommended by your specialist. The floor will need to be level throughout the area that will be covered with Glue and the Vinyl Planks.
  4. Plan out the direction the planks will be laid in the required area and think about how you will stagger the planks and what lengths you will be using. Please note: Do not use a piece shorter than 6 inches for the staggering of the planks.
  5. Begin by removing existing molding/skirting or undercut the jambs so planks can slide underneath for a clean finish. Alternatively, you can put them up against the molding/skirting leaving 3-5mm gap to allow for movement during severe temperatures.
  6. To ensure your wall is straight, use a string line/chalk line from one end of the wall to the other to ensure your planks begin straight when they are being laid. It is recommended to start laying the first row from the corner of your wall, however, you can begin laying at another point if you are required to. Make sure to measure the total width between the walls divided by the width of the plank to ensure the last piece is reasonable in size when laying it down.
  7. Using a 1.6mm V notched trowel, spread the adhesive on to the floor (evenly spreading the adhesive). Please note: It is important to know the type of adhesive you are using as each adhesive by type/brand may have different structures therefor may need to be applied differently. Please ensure you consider the directions advised by the adhesive type/brand you are using. We highly recommend you use our Ardex Adhesive with our product range.
  8. If using the Ardex Adhesive, once the Adhesive has become tacky (you will notice the adhesive has a chewing gum like consistency if you touch it), the planks can then start to be laid on the adhesive. Please note: The time it takes for the adhesive to become tacky depends on the temperature in the room/area. It can take 10-60 minutes to become tacky, the warmer the temperature, the quicker it will become tacky.
  9. Lay the first row of planks in position and remember to face any planks that have been manually cut towards the wall to ensure the planks join in nice and tight. If you are starting from the corner of the wall do not forget to leave 3-4mm gap to allow movement in severe temperatures. Apply hand force pressure over the top of the plank evenly moving your hand in a forwards and backwards motion ensuring the plank will get a strong bond with the adhesive. Ensure your first row is straight before commencing with the second row as this is vital to sustain a straight line in successive rows. To cut the planks use a straight edge or a plank and place it on the marked area where the cut needs to be made keeping the front image facing upright then score the plank with your Stanley knife and snap it down on a hard edge.
  10. Begin laying the second row of planks down and at this point you need to use different size pieces to begin staggering the floor to create a random appearance, you can potentially use the last cut piece from your first row as the first piece for your second row. Keep in mind the piece you are using is not to be less than 6 inches as all the joins in the floor need to be apart by a minimum of that distance.


  1. Continue installing the remaining rows following the same instructions above and keeping note of all the requirements. Once all the flooring is laid you can go over the floor with a heavy roller to ensure the plank has bonded to the adhesive successfully (optional). Install the removed molding/ skirting or if you have undercut the jambs or laid the planks up against the molding/skirting you can cork/silicone/gap fill the gaps around the parameter for a clean finish.


Basic Maintenance:  

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dust and dirt from the floor and avoid stains by cleaning any liquid and food products off the floor promptly.  
  • Mop the floor using a neutral detergent cleaner or simply just warm to hot water and squeeze excess water prior to mopping.  
  • Protect your floor from direct sunlight with curtains/blinds or any type of blockers to prevent colour fading for long life as our warranty will not cover this.  
  • You can use a Polish or Sealer for your floor using a Vinyl/PVC recommended solution, however, be aware this can make the floor slippery.  
  • Ensure all furniture and heavy appliances on the floor have soft felt pads to avoid scratching and damaging the floor as warranty will not cover this.  

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance 

Luxury Vinyl Planks and other Vinyl Products are ideal for all areas in the home and most commercial environments.   

Our collection ensures optimum style and premium quality that will provide many years of valuable performance.   

In addition, our products are designed for low maintenance, they are treated with a PUR coating on the surface that helps to defend against scuffing and scratching, it also means the floor does not need to be sealed after installation  

We have done the hard work in the beginning to provide you a product that requires low maintenance but like everything it will still require some love and tender care.  

Below are important but basic instructions on how to keep your floor looking new for years to come:  


Cleaning After Installation: 

  1. Gently remove all loose debris from the floor using a vacuum or a soft bristled broom/brush.  
  1. If any adhesive is used and is visible on the surface remove immediately.  
  1. Damp mop the floor with warm water or a pH neutral detergent.  

Regular Maintenance: 

  1. Vacuum sweep or damp mop your floor to remove all dust and loose debris.  
  1. When mopping just use warm water however if a deeper clean is necessary for stubborn dirt and marks you can use soapy warm water or a pH neutral detergent.  
  1. Ensure all spills are quickly cleaned up, this will prevent stains.  
  1. Ensure all furniture is fitted with felt pads on the base or feet of the object and never drag furniture across the floor, this will help prevent scratching and scuffing.  
  1. Keep your floor away from direct sunlight by closing your shades or blinds to prevent discolouration from the sun as warranty does not cover this.  


Product Warranty 


  • “Wear Through” is defined, as the removal of the surface wear layer to the degree in which no colour and pattern is apparent.  
  • “Commercial” is defined as one in which business is conducted.  
  • “Residential” is defined as a private domestic residence.  


Warranted Products: 

  • Glue Down – 30 Year Residential & 15 Year Commercial Wear Warranty  
  • Click Lock – 30 Year Residential & 15 Year Commercial Wear Warranty  
  • Loose Lay – 30 Year Residential & 15 Year Commercial Wear Warranty  



The following is a list of conditions that must be met for any Warranty Claims.  

  • Product Warranty applies from the date of purchase only to the original purchaser and they must provide their full proof of purchase.   
  • The product has been installed in accordance with the AS/NZS 1884 – 2012 Floor Coverings Act – Resilient sheet & tile – installations practices including the product installation Guide.  
  • The Subfloor meets the building standard under AS/NZS 1884 current at the time of installation and the appropriate adhesives were used that were recommended for the application.  
  • The product used has been installed in the correct room or rooms specified by the supplier. 
  • More than 5% of defect must be apparent on the overall product.  
  • The flooring has been maintained in accordance with the Maintenance Guide.  


The following is a list of exclusions that will not be covered under the Product Warranty.  

  • Damage caused due to improper use or improper maintenance specified by Unideco 
  • Defects caused by incorrect installation and/ or incorrect subfloor preparation, including insufficient attention to the subfloor dampness.  
  • Damage caused by stains, excessive heat, cuts, scratches and/or other abuses that the floor may be subjected to during usage not determined as fair wear and tear.  
  • Damage caused by indentation and abrasion, eg: unprotected castor wheels, furniture legs and all footwear.  
  • Any claim resulting from a manufacturing defect which is not notified to the company prior to installation.  
  • Any issues that arise from expansion and contraction of product due to extreme temperatures.  
  • Any accidental damage such as fire or flood.  
  • All installation & labour costs including the removal of the defected product.  
  • Fading and Discolouration.  


Claims Process: 

  • All Claims must be submitted to the retailer from which the flooring was purchased. If the retailer is no longer trading, then you may submit your claim directly through the supplier office in writing.   
  • All claims must be made as soon as they are apparent.  
  • Your retailer must provide the supplier with all the specific documents relevant to your job including your proof of purchase, product details, installation and subfloor information including the installer’s details, samples of the defected product with full photographs and a report of the defect including any areas related to the issue.  
  • Once the claim has been submitted it will be referred on to the Warranty Team who will then investigate your case. At this point in time if more information is required to make the correct assessment they will get in touch with the relevant retailer. If the claim has been accepted, we will advise your retailer to make arrangements to provide the same or similar replacement of the original product.  


Delivery Costs and Timeframes 


  • Delivery of the products will be affected in the manner described on this website. i.e. Items purchased online will (subject to availability) be dispatched by freight the as soon as practicable after receiving payment for your order (and usually within one (1) business days. 
  • The purchaser or a legal representative of the purchaser must be on-site to receive the delivery and sign for the goods on the specified date of delivery. If no-one is present on-site to receive the order, goods will not be left unattended and an additional delivery fee will be charged for next attempt of delivery. 
  • You acknowledge and agree that any person at the delivery address who receives and signs for the delivery is authorised by you. 
  • The delivery driver will only drop goods within 5m of where the delivery vehicle can safely park for the delivery. Goods will not be carried by hand by the drivers up pathways, stairs or undriveable driveways. 
  • You or a representative will need to be at the delivery location to help unload. 
  • If alternative delivery or unloading arrangements are made by you or your representative without our knowledge and/or consent, you will be liable for additional costs incurred. 
  • We must have a street address for any order submitted. We can’t ship to PO Boxes. 
  • Risk of loss or damage to the goods passes to you upon delivery. 
  • Any damaged material must be reported immediately by email or phone to Unideco and photos provided by email within 24hrs to make a claim. 
  • The customer must take measure to ensure goods are protected from the elements such as rain or flooding and are solely responsible for the goods immediately after delivery has been made. 
  • We undertake to comply with the terms of our Delivery Policy in relation to ensuring delivery in a timely matter. 
  • You acknowledge that we are not liable for any losses or damages suffered directly or indirectly by you as a consequence of any delay in dispatch or delivery. 
  • Only Samples can be delivered without a signature if the purchaser has granted an “Authority to Leave” without signature at the time of checkout. If you grant “Authority to Leave”, you agree that Unideco does not bear any responsibility or liability to you for any consignments that are lost or stolen after our carriers have recorded the parcel as “successfully delivered”. 

Delivery Times 

  • Delivery time frame: 3-5 Business days for Metro, 7-10 Business days for Regional areas. 
  • For Victorian deliveries, we deliver Monday to Friday via freight or courier depending on the delivery location. Once payment for your order is received we or a representative from our freight company will contact you 24hrs prior to delivery to arrange a delivery time.  
  • For interstate orders, a Freight Company will be used. They will call 24hrs prior to delivery to arrange a delivery time. Unfortunately, we will not be able to guarantee an exact date or time of delivery. 
  • There may be circumstances out of our control that could delay shipping or delivery. We accept your order on the basis that we cannot be responsible for delays including, but not limited to, delays out of our control. If there are any unexpected delays, we will advise you as soon as we are aware and keep you updated with the status of your order. 

Delivery Costs 

  • Freight and delivery charges will be notified to you at the time your order is placed, if applicable. These charges may depend on your location, size, weight and quantity of product(s) ordered. Orders for multiple products may be split across multiple deliveries depending on where it was shipped from.